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Email Entry, Just for Laughs

So, I left work at 2pm today. I didn't take a lunch. I didn't actually just leave either, I said that I was going out and that they could forward any urgent messages or calls to my phone. And then I walked out.

I'm about making people at work not like me of late. Making them jealous of my ability to wear color and mix patterns without looking like a freak. To drive my nice new car and park it in the garage where they have to walk past it every morning.

I'm feeling antagonistic towards Utah at the moment. And I'm taking it out on my staff. Not a very nice thing. Last night on my way home I tried to come up with things I like about Salt Lake, in order not to go crazy. And so, because I can, I will share it with you:

The Mountains are Beautiful. Capital intended. The City Library is one of the best I've ever seen. I like how the old apartment buildings have names on them. It's cheap.

That was it. And the last one, well, it's double edged. I should try to get an job in a large urban center on one of the coasts. Or Europe. Or Asia. Or anywhere but here.

I left work early to go up to Park City and maybe see some famous people. The whole Sundance thing is quite large right now, with all the downtown business posting posters and putting up welcome signs. The list of films is very interesting as well, and I've enjoyed the couple that I've seen. I've been ignoring the news though. Local coverage should be on my list of things to do, but really, my Tivo is so full right now that it's starting to resemble a It's Me or my Mother Springer guest. I should really delete those Top Model episodes. It's not like I'm ever going to watch them.

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